CEI Alarm has a world-class wireless medical alert system that allows you to be one click away from emergency services coming to your rescue.

“Live confidently knowing help is only a click away.”

Due to healthy living habits and medical breakthroughs lifespans continue to grow; with the help of our mobile medical alert device you can ensure a slip or fall doesn’t become a life threatening accident.

Are Your Parents Safe at Home?

A slip in the bathtub or fall in the backyard can be disastrous to your parent’s health. It could leave them unable to access a phone or reach emergency services. Our wireless medical alert system has the benefit of always being on their person, designed for ease of use and access. CEI Alarm is your partner in peace of mind.

How a Wireless Medical Alert Works

A wireless medical alert system allows you to contact emergency services at the click of a button. So when you are in need of an ambulance and have a medical emergency you have an easy way to reach out for help.

Mobile Medical Alert Devices

The mobile medical alert device can be a pendant around your neck or a wristband. Both options are easy to reach even if you are injured and cannot get up. This ease of access is imperative; many times an injured person cannot reach the phone or is not able to remember a number to phone emergency services. One of the unique benefits of CEI Alarm’s wireless medical alerts is the two-way listen in feature. This allows for two-way communication to and from the person in need of assistance.

Secure your freedom and mobility as you age, give yourself peace of mind to move around and leave your worries at the door.

Start enjoying peace of mind today; call CEI Alarm and find out how we can help you: (775) 673-9500.