Digital CCTV Video Surveillance Camera Systems

The VHS-based monitoring and recording systems of the 80’s and 90’s have given way to digital video recorders. Digital means real time, immediate information delivery. It means higher image quality and larger storage. Digital Video Surveillance offers a wealth of advantages over older Analog Age systems. Digital systems are easy to use and offer instant, real time information that can be easily streamed over your company’s Intranet, or any remote system you may choose.




Other advantages of digital recording:

  • Quick information retrieval
  • Easy event searching and verification
  • Lower maintenance cost vs. VHS-based systems
  • Compact, compressible file storage

Our extensive line of systems include:

  • Weather proof hardware
  • Mega-pixel cameras
  • Vandal resistant cameras
  • Integrated systems – linked to your access control or burglar alarm system
  • Cash register interface systems

CEI technicians undergo continuous training throughout the year to keep pace with the fast changing digital world. We are equipped to handle all video surveillance needs including retail, governmental, banking and financial institutions, transportation services, and casino gaming.