Video Doorbell by DMP

We are pleased to welcome a new Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) product into our line of security systems. The Video Doorbell allows users to see, hear, and speak to anyone at their door, anytime.

This Video Doorbell offers peace of mind to all users by delivering video and voice capabilities from your front door to your smart phone. Any time motion is detected, or the doorbell is pressed, you’ll receive a notification and be able to monitor who is approaching with precise clarity, 180-degree field of view and Pinch-to-Zoom technology. Also be able to talk with visitors using two-way voice communication feature. The Video Doorbell lets you protect yourself and your family while also keeping an eye on delivered packages and other belongings at your front steps while you’re away.

The Video Doorbell also uses Virtual Keypad, an application that gives users control over your security system from their smart device. The app allows users to connect to their home or business system to arm or disarm, control lights, locks, thermostats and more. It can even view and record video from their security cameras.

Video Doorbell features include:

One feature we enjoy is the automatic recording. If motion is detected, the Video Doorbell can be programmed to automatically begin recording. In fact, the doorbell is pre-installed with 16GB of space, which means it can store more than 2,000 video clips. These clips are also available anytime and anywhere with the Virtual Keypad app. Even if your home’s Wi-Fi connection fails, the Video Doorbell will continue to record any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed, and the recorded clips are available once the Wi-Fi connection is restored.

The Video Doorbell also comes with four interchangeable faceplate options that are easy to install. Color options include black, charcoal, silver, and pearl. Additionally, the product comes with adjustable camera angles. Depending on your entrance layout, the optional Wedge accessories let you adjust the camera angle and customize the exact areas you’d want to be triggered any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed. This product is also designed to withstand harsh environments, so even with the tough northern Nevada winters and summers, the Video Doorbell will deliver reliable performance.

For more information, please check out this video:

If you are interested in the Video Doorbell for your home or commercial property, please call CEI Alarm at 775-673-9500 or visit our website for more information: www.ceialarm.com


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