Vacation? Stay-cation?

We hope you enjoyed July 4th, especially in a year when most fireworks, parades, and celebrations were canceled. For most people, July and August are vacation season. This year, most of us will need to settle for some version of a stay-cation. Wikipedia defines a stay-cation as “a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodation.” But even when you are home, maybe enjoying a “stay-cation” threats of burglary and other issues are still present.

Tips for deterring burglary

  1. Leave a radio or TV on before you go to give the appearance someone is still there. It can also sound like people talking inside, deterring a burglar from approaching your home.
  2. Lock doors and windows. This sounds simple but not all burglaries are from forced entry. Thieves often pick up sliding glass doors off their tracks. Using metal or wood, jimmy plates to fill in the gap at the top of sliding glass doors.  All windows should also have locks, including the ones above the first floor.
  3. Close blinds or curtains. It isn’t safe if other people can see directly into your house.
  4. Lock up any ladders or tools that can help a burglar gain access inside.
  5. Having timers on lamps or connecting your lights to your mobile device can mimic at home behavior. If lights are turning on and off at common times, it would appear someone is home even if there’s no car parked outside. Installing motion censored lights around the outside of your home, can deter people away when they are suddenly turned on.
  6. Leave a car parked in the driveway. If someone thinks you are home they are less likely to break in.
  7. The easiest way to keep your property secure, is to let someone else do all the work. With the current technology available, you can secure your home from anywhere. If you install cameras, you can check the live footage on your mobile device and receive notifications when there’s activity. Along with your alarm system you can put up yard signs and window stickers from the alarm company to scare off thieves.

Finding the Right Alarm Company

Many alarm companies advertise low rates to try to lure you in, but then come to find out you have a much higher monthly bill because they finance the alarm equipment to you over 60 months. But CEI Alarm offers you honest upfront pricing so you know what you are paying for equipment wise and for monthly monitoring.  Other alarm companies also do not have local staff that can help fix problems should they arise. We offer a Lifetime Warranty program, so if something goes wrong with your system you get priority service to fix it, do not pay for service calls, travel time, nor parts, and batteries for your system are free.

We offer many solutions for home or business to fit your needs. Here are some ideas od popular systems we install:


Pain Drives Change

Nearly all our customers face the option of having an alarm system or not. Most alarm systems are installed when someone buys a home or business, but there are also painful situations that cause homeowners or businesses to purchase alarm systems.  Install peace of mind by installing an alarm system before a painful situation takes place.

Did you know that during the last five-years, US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 354,400 home structure fires per year. These fires caused an annual average of 2,620 civilian deaths; 11,220 civilian fire injuries; and $6.9 billion in direct property damage. Many of our customers like to have smoke detectors added to their alarm systems as they communicate with the fire department, in case you are away from home or work and a fire breaks out, the fire department is notified immediately so you can protect what matters most.  Our residential pet owner customers really like to have smoke detectors because they know that their pets are protected when they are away from home, but their furry friends are inside.

A Simpler & Happier Life

We hope our customer’s spent their 4th of July weekend unplugged and enjoying their lives. Knowing that whether they are on vacation or having a stay-cation that their alarm system is protecting their home without them having to lift a finger. If there was an emergency at your home or business, even over a holiday weekend, police or fire would be dispatched. If you needed service over the weekend, our on-call service technicians could log into most of our monitored systems remotely, take care of the issue with a service ticket, or get you scheduled for service ASAP.

If your home or business, is not monitored it’s time to get a quote for an alarm system. Install peace of mind, so you’ll be more in control of your home or business which will allow you to be happier, and enjoy your vacation or stay-cation!


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