Top Security Tips for Homeowners on The-Go

It is unusual to be home 24 hours a day to watch over your house. Here are some ways to secure what belongs to you while you’re away:

  1. Friendly Neighbor: A simple way to have an extra set of eyes on your home, is to be a friendly neighbor. Getting to know and trust the people around you could help later down the road. If you trust them to get your mail and clean up the yard, it will look like you’re still home. It helps to know who lives where, and that they know who lives in your house. This can come in handy when you or your neighbors see strangers lurking around.
  2. Changes: When you first move in, change all the locks because you do not know who has the keys to your home. This includes garage codes and keeping the automated garage opener out of sight.
  3. Entertainment: Leave a radio or TV on before you go to give the appearance someone is still there. It can also sound like people talking inside, deterring a burglar from approaching your home.
  4. Imagination: Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes and see all the possible entry points, to learn the best way of securing them.
  5. Extra Keys: Keep them in a safe place but never outside because that is the first-place burglars will search.
  6. Doors: Locking doors sounds easy but not all burglaries are from forced entry. Thieves often pick up sliding glass doors off their tracks. Using metal or wood, jimmy plates to fill in the gap at the top of sliding glass doors.
  7. Windows: All windows should also have locks, including the ones above the first floor. Clear glass windowpanes look nice on a front door and help you see who is there. It isn’t safe that other people can see directly into your house. Instead of going through the hassle and replacing them, you can buy window film. There are many inexpensive decorative options that you can place on the inside of windows so they can’t be easily peeled off.
  8. Tools: Lock up any ladders or tools that can help a burglar gain access inside.
  9. Lights: Having timers on lamps or connecting your lights to your mobile device can mimic at home behavior. If lights are turning on and off at common times, it would appear someone is home even if there’s no car parked outside. Installing motion censored lights around the outside of your home, can deter people away when they are suddenly turned on.
  10. Alarm Systems: The easiest way to keep your property secure, is to let someone else do all the work. With the current technology available, you can secure your home from anywhere. If you install cameras, you can check the live footage on your mobile device and receive notifications when there’s activity. Along with your alarm system you can put up yard signs and window stickers from the alarm company to scare off thieves.


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