Tips on How To Protect Your Property from Vandalism

Vandalism is a common crime that is not always prepared for, like a robbery or cyber-attack. It’s more than spray painting or breaking glass, it’s a violation of your sense of security as a property owner. Along with a security system, there are other preventive measures you can take to protect you and your property.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

You can strategically place greenery such as shrubs, trees or prickly bushes. Nature’s barbed wire gives it a beautiful look while making it harder to access. Choosing greenery with thorns, rough bark, or sharp leaves can make it painful to climb or crawl through. The more uncomfortable it looks the better. Put yourself in a vandal’s shoes and recognize some target zones like decks and balconies. Surrounding these areas and windows with hazardous plants can protect your building while also adding privacy.

Update the Building’s Materials

An easy access point into buildings is smashing a window. A fix for that would be break-resistant glass or coating your windows with security film. Impact glass is much stronger than what is typically used, making it harder to penetrate.

Don’t make it simple for them, you can install anti-climb barriers or even anti-climb paints. These thick, non-drying paints are essentially an anti-theft petroleum jelly. They are oil based, making any surface you choose extremely slippery. It will form a thin skin after being painted on, that will look dry and prevent leaves from sticking to it. The second it is touched, it will return to liquid form, making the vandal an obvious sticky mess.

It is required to have anti-climb paint signs near the area, which can also deter vandals. To prevent graffiti there is a paint that covers the area with a protective surface. This surface prevents spray paint from adhering and you can simply wipe off any unwanted art.

Trash Attracts Trash

Don’t leave your property messy, because people won’t care about adding to it or hanging around the area. When everything is clean and organized it shows a sense of order. Vandals can use your own items against you, so store your ladders and wheelbarrows, lock all outdoor storage areas. These can all be targets.

Lights, Camera, Action

Criminals prefer to work in the dark so if your place is well lit, they will be discouraged. The lighting can also help your security cameras pick up better images. Daylight can help, as in don’t build a fortress around your property. You may feel safer behind a giant wall blocking the outside world, but that makes you an easy target. Visibility is your friend; you want to be seen by neighbors or the public. Don’t give the vandal anywhere to hide.

Never Vacant

Nothing is more appealing than an empty building. Even when you go on vacation or close early you want it to look like someone is there. Put timers on lights or connect your lighting to your mobile device. Turning lights on and off makes it seem like activity is happening inside while you are away.

While taking these preventive measures, always remain vigilant.

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