Security Systems for Small Businesses

Every business, big or small, has important and valuable property that needs to be protected, such as files, products, technology, employee or customer private information and other assets.

One of the most important things you need to consider for your business is its security. There are a lot of different business security systems that can fit your needs. They do not just keep you safe from thieves but may also protect you against fire and other accidents. Even small businesses need security services and solutions. But the question is: which security system is the best one?

Here are a few different kinds of security systems that can help protect your business, without spending too much.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance protects the office or the entire premises of your business; not just inside, but also the area outside. You might want to consider getting this type of security system if you want to see what is happening to your office or business 24/7.

A variety of systems can now let you connect through your mobile devices, so you can see what is going on even when you’re out of the office, or even out of town. This type of security system allows you to check on your customers and employees. It can also help you have proof of activity in case you may need to file insurance claims for theft or damages.

Intrusion Detection Alarms

This alarm protects everything inside your store or the building. It also protects your business from theft, vandalism, or intruders. This system protects your business not just from burglars and even from employee theft; it also protects your employees while they are on duty. Detection alarms include different gadgets that can detect entry, such as sensors and motion detectors.

Additionally, consider a glass break detector alarm. These are sound-activated alarms that will alert you when a glass shatters after a burglar has tried to break in.

As soon as the intruder breaks your door or window, the frequency picked up by the device’s audio microphone from the shattering sound is processed first to ensure that the glass has indeed been broken. When the detector confirms the breaking of glass, it sends a signal to your alarm system’s control panel, triggering an alarm.

If the glass break detector detects the sound of breaking glass, a motion sensor detects movements. The motion sensor activates the alarm the moment a burglar walks into a room. When the intruder trips the sensor, it sends a signal to the control panel of your alarm system to alert you of the security threat.

Computer Security System

Computer security systems protect your business files, documents, customer information, and software that help you run your business. Hackers not only target large companies but small businesses, as well. You need to protect your computer system from viruses, spyware, and other cyber threats. Also, most of the businesses right now use a computer system, with most of the work usually completed through it. Imagine how much money you stand to lose when there is a loss of productivity and interruption in the business.

Invest in a good firewall and antivirus software that can stop viruses and hackers at the gateway into the network. You can also keep any information or documents safe by keeping it virtually via secure online services.

Electronic Access Control Systems

Access control protects certain areas or rooms in your building that should have limited access, or areas that should not be accessed by everyone. With access control systems you protect your establishment from a possible security breach. Instead of having a traditional lock and key system, which can pose a great risk since the physical key can be duplicated, you will need a keycard or use biometrics to enter areas that are protected by access control. Everything is digitized with this type of security system. You can control who is allowed to enter and when. You can even block access after business hours.


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