CEI Alarm is pleased to announce the introduction of a program that reaches new heights in servicing your systems. Our Lifetime Warranty offers these great benefits:

Instant Loaner-Guaranteed.

If you have a service problem and we can’t fix it at your site, we will immediately provide a loaner. With our Lifetime Warranty, you will have priority access to our service pool of equipment.

Defect Correctable Response Time-Guaranteed.

Some problems are more difficult to diagnose and resolve than others. Under our new program, we guarantee that your service problem will be fixed within 24 hours or less from the time you placed the call. Our expanded investment in technical resources and staff has enabled us to provide this feature as the standard in our industry.

Feature T&M Lifetime
Availability M-F 24/7
Response Priority After X
Defect Correctable Response Time Guarantee N/A X
Instant Loaner Guarantee N/A X
Response Time As available 2 to 6 Hrs.
One Fixed Price N/A X

The Schedule of Services for our Lifetime Warranty Include:


Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Response Time:

Six working hours or less following receipt of a service call. The call must be placed by an authorized person designated by the owner.

Defect Correctable

Response Time:

Resolution of the problem will be within 24 hours or less following the receipt of a service call.

Response Status:

Priority response.

Parts Coverage:

All parts are covered as part of this plan. (Including batteries)

Labor Coverage:

All labor is covered as part of this plan. (Including after hours)

Items Not Covered:

This includes damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, disaster, fire, flood, water, wind, lightning, and Acts of God. In addition, items designed to fail in order to protect the equipment, such as power and/or lightning suppressors, are also not covered by this plan.

Instant Loaner:

We maintain a service pool of loaner equipment specifically designed to support our Lifetime Warranty Plan clients. If our field technicians are not able to repair a piece of faulty equipment at your location, then we will replace it with a loaner, keeping your downtime to a minimum. The defective equipment will be repaired at our facility, and returned to your site accordingly.

Preventive Maintenance: