How Cellular Network Upgrade Will Affect Your Alarm System

As technology evolves and improves, the result is better access to products and services. But with that progress, comes the need to update older tools. Verizon and AT&T are phasing out the 3G data network. This change affects every customer using a 3G cell device on the Verizon and AT&T networks, including CEI Alarm’s customers and the customers of all additional alarm companies. This change will be effective December 31, 2020.

Many of CEI Alarm’s customers use the 3G cellular network to send alarm signals to the central station and use the phone app. The communication service of those systems will be terminated on 12/31/2020, unless upgraded to the new 4GLTE cellular network. This module is used to communicate alarm signals to the central station. The entire module must be replaced to ensure all alarm signals are communicated to the central station. Your alarm system itself will not be affected. The local hardware, programing, and audible notification will all remain the same.

We are offering two options to assist with the replacement of the cellular modules.

Option 1: Customers may purchase the new 4GLTE cell and have it installed; price is dependent on the current system.

Option 2: Customers may sign up for CEI Alarm’s Lifetime Warranty Program. In addition to receiving the benefits included with the Lifetime Warranty Program, customers will receive a replacement cell module at no charge. CEI Alarm will also upgrade customer’s systems to the newest version when the 4G network is phased out in about 5 years.


Please call or email CEI Alarm to discuss your options and to find out if your cell needs to be upgraded. Cells installed within the last year should not be affected by this change, but please feel free to verify with our team. CEI Alarm looks forward to working with you in through this transition.


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