Fleet Security

Whether you have numerous company vehicles or just a couple, securing your fleet is important. Recently, CEI Alarm nearly fell victim to a gas thief however with our security measures in place, we were able to catch the thief and report him to the police with evidence of his crime. We wanted to share our fleet security tips with you.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the best forms of protection. It can not only catch thieves but also hold customers and employees accountable for vehicle tracking. It allows for extra protection for your property, your employees and your fleet. We offer a wide range of video surveillance products that offer real-time, immediate information delivery. Video surveillance systems can also be monitored and controlled from your smartphone, offering added convenience and peace of mind.

Motion-Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights are essential. This security feature makes your property less tempting to break into. Floodlights should be installed in prime areas to take the intruder by surprise and blind them momentarily. The best places can include gates, garages, and entrance and exit doors.

Silent Alarms

Traditionally, security systems have offered loud, audible alarms that are designed to encourage burglars to flee before law enforcement arrives. But some business owners prefer to use a silent alarm that notifies the authorities without alerting any burglars. When a silent alarm is tripped, your security provider will be alerted to the emergency event and the authorities will be notified.

In our case, we had silent alarms on our gas tanks and when the thief came to siphon our gas, the silent alarm was tripped, law enforcement was notified, and the thief was caught.

Secure the Parking Area

If you have a separate area for your fleet or a parking area that is a little far from the entrance, think about also securing the parking area. Fenced perimeter, motion-activated lights and cameras should be factors in place when securing that area.

Additionally, if there is a separate parking area, designate a space just for company vehicles that is as close to the building as possible. If you aren’t able to secure both areas, the company vehicles are still secured by the building security features.

Security Guards

If you have a larger fleet, you may even want to consider hiring a security guard. A major benefit is that a security guard can react right away if there is trouble afoot. Unlike a security camera, which simply records security breaches, a guard can address problems immediately.

Regular Security Inspections

With all this security and technology in place, it’s curial that it is all working properly and focused on the correct areas. Consider conducting regular security inspections to ensure your fleet is always protected. Make sure cameras and lights are pointed toward your fleet parking or storage area.


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