Fire, accidents and safety play a big part in everyday life. The financial and emotional burden of losing a property or human life can be staggering. Don’t be caught without the protection when a fire can occur. CEI wants to alleviate that fear with our fire alarm system installed by CEI state certified professionals.



Business Fire Protection System

Does your business meet fire code? The last thing anyone wants to find out is a fire broke out in their building, which is currently not up to code. Incidents like this can lead to hefty liability damages. With CEI Alarm’s fire alarm system your business will be up to standard and protected from costly lawsuits.

CEI state certified professionals perform the highest quality building inspections to make sure your place of work meets current fire code requirements. Our team has been trained in fire protection system design, operation, and inspection to insure your business is always protected in the event of a fire.

A step above the rest: When inspecting a building to ensure it meets fire code requirements CEI Alarm uses QR codes on the fire panels. This progressive technology allows the fire marshal the ability to quickly check when the last inspection was just by using the QR code.

Home Fire Protection

Ask yourself, who is watching your home when you head out of town? CEI Alarm delivers premium products and peace of mind. Not only will a fire be detected, but the device is ready to contact the proper authorities 24 hours a day.

We offer wired and wireless smoke detection devices for your home which will monitor your personal space day and night, all year around. Enjoy our fire alarm system and enjoy peace of mind.

Do you have a pet at home? Many times a fire can break out in your house and you aren’t there to let your dog or cat out. With CEI Alarm home fire protection your pet is safe even if you are not at home. If a fire breaks out the authorities are contacted immediately and your furry family member will have emergency services on their way.

Call today to find out how we can protect you and your property with a professional fire alarm system.