Basics and Installation

Dial 775-673-9500 and we’ll provide whatever training you need. If necessary, we can schedule someone to come out for a personal training session.

Yes! Your home security system is equipped with battery backup, so your system will continue to protect for several hours after a power failure. It is a good idea to check the batteries in your system regularly. Dial 775-673-9500 and we’ll tell you how to check your batteries.

Whenever your alarm is activated, one of our trained monitoring representatives will call you right away to make sure that everything is OK at your home. Simply give them your account number and password and inform them of the false alarm.

Just dial 775-673-9500 and schedule a service call. Often the person who answers the phone can help you out and save you a service call. All members of our team are trained in the use and basic troubleshooting of our systems.


If you move and are staying within our service area we will give you $150 towards a new system and match your old monitoring price.

Payment Options

Yes, just call 775-673-9500 and speak to one of our representatives about automatic payments. We don’t want you to worry about things like paying your bills so let us handle automatic payment processing for you and maybe between the both of us we can save a little postage and a tree or two.

If you have automatic payments we won’t send you a copy of your invoice unless you request it. If you have selected invoicing by email it will arrive via email.

Current Customers

Just call 775-673-9500 during the day, and a friendly customer service representative will help you with the changes. Please have your account number and password available for identification purposes.

You should test your home security system at least once a month to make sure that it is working/communicating properly. Dial 775-673-9500 and tell our customer service representative that you want to test your home security system. We will walk you through the process.

We consider customer referrals as the highest praise our customers can give us, and hundreds of our current customers have referred a friend or family member to us. That’s trust! Our referral program provides you with one month of free monitored protection as a way of saying thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in us. Call 775-673-9500 with your customer referral and our customer service representatives will make sure that a referral reward comes your way as soon as the referral customer installs his or her system. We also have a 3 for FREE program! If you give us 6 referrals (with monitoring service) in a one year period we will give you 3 free years of monitoring. Now that’s something you can take to the bank!