Built-in Ease

Central vacuum systems are a permanent fixture built in to the walls of your house. The system is designed for ultra-convenience removing dirt, getting rid of debris and making life convenient for everyone. These systems can be installed in residential homes or commercial buildings. Central vacuums can be installed inside the walls of a variety of rooms from kitchens and living rooms, to basements and garages. In addition to the inlets on the walls, central vacuums provide a level of flexibility. If you work in high traffic areas such as a kitchen where food and other particles may collect on the floor, brushes and automatic dustpans can adapt to your lifestyle.


How does a Central Vacuum System Work?

When a central vacuum is installed you’ll find inlets throughout the building. The inlets mainly lay flat and are designed for a variety of attachments. The main attachment is a hose that plugs into a wall plate and starts suction.

Prone to Allergies? Central Vacuums Provide Health Advantages

Dust and allergens cannot be recirculated back into the home with a central vacuum system. If you or your loved ones are hyper sensitive to allergens and dust, central vacuums systems are a must-have in the home.

Benefits over Conventional Vacuums

1. Low Noise – A well-installed central vacuum motor is farther away allowing for a more gentle experience. Clean your space without disturbing others.
2. Super Suction Power – Debris and dirt collecting becomes easier because the vacuum motor is bigger. Normal mobile vacuums can only be a certain size until they become cumbersome, leading to less suction power.
3. Remove Noxious Odors – Remember that vacuum smell you’re used to with a normal mobile machine? The smell is caused by fine dust and hot air, whereas central vacuum systems exhaust can be expelled outside the home.
4. Empty Later – Central vacuums can hold around 22 pounds of dust and dirt, leading to emptying less often.
5. Less Wear and Tear – Furniture and walls can take a beating with a mobile vacuum. The hose system with a central vacuum is lighter and easier to handle. Our hose comes with hose socks to protect your home.

Tools and Accessories

As mentioned before, central vacuums can adapt to your lifestyle providing a bevy of tool options. The electrical power brush and air-driven power brush tend to have a high level of suction, delivering great results to moderate loads of cleaning. Most central vacuums come with 30-50 ft hoses and are designed to reach anything, while being retractable for easy storage.
Automatic dustpans, also known as “Vacpans” or “KickSweep,” are generally installed in non-carpeted areas like kitchens, work-spaces, bathrooms, etc. The automatic dustpans are designed for simple sweeping jobs where you can move dirt, dust, and food particles into the hole in the wall; then it’s gone like magic.

True Cyclonic Suction

With over 50 years of experience Vacuflo is known as one of the best central vacuum systems in the industry. We are an authorized provider of Vacuflo systems. Vacuflo central vacuum systems have true cyclonic suction. Check them out: http://www.vacuflo.com/