Tips on How To Protect Your Property from Vandalism

Vandalism is a common crime that is not always prepared for, like a robbery or cyber-attack. It’s more than spray painting or breaking glass, it’s a violation of your sense of security as a property owner. Along with a security system, there are other preventive measures you can take to protect you and your property.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

You can strategically place greenery such as shrubs, trees or prickly bushes. Nature’s barbed wire gives it a beautiful look while making it harder to access. Choosing greenery with thorns, rough bark, or sharp leaves can make it painful to climb or crawl through. The more uncomfortable it looks the better. Put yourself in a vandal’s shoes and recognize some target zones like decks and balconies. Surrounding these areas and windows with hazardous plants can protect your building while also adding privacy.

Update the Building’s Materials

An easy access point into buildings is smashing a window. A fix for that would be break-resistant glass or coating your windows with security film. Impact glass is much stronger than what is typically used, making it harder to penetrate.

Don’t make it simple for them, you can install anti-climb barriers or even anti-climb paints. These thick, non-drying paints are essentially an anti-theft petroleum jelly. They are oil based, making any surface you choose extremely slippery. It will form a thin skin after being painted on, that will look dry and prevent leaves from sticking to it. The second it is touched, it will return to liquid form, making the vandal an obvious sticky mess.

It is required to have anti-climb paint signs near the area, which can also deter vandals. To prevent graffiti there is a paint that covers the area with a protective surface. This surface prevents spray paint from adhering and you can simply wipe off any unwanted art.

Trash Attracts Trash

Don’t leave your property messy, because people won’t care about adding to it or hanging around the area. When everything is clean and organized it shows a sense of order. Vandals can use your own items against you, so store your ladders and wheelbarrows, lock all outdoor storage areas. These can all be targets.

Lights, Camera, Action

Criminals prefer to work in the dark so if your place is well lit, they will be discouraged. The lighting can also help your security cameras pick up better images. Daylight can help, as in don’t build a fortress around your property. You may feel safer behind a giant wall blocking the outside world, but that makes you an easy target. Visibility is your friend; you want to be seen by neighbors or the public. Don’t give the vandal anywhere to hide.

Never Vacant

Nothing is more appealing than an empty building. Even when you go on vacation or close early you want it to look like someone is there. Put timers on lights or connect your lighting to your mobile device. Turning lights on and off makes it seem like activity is happening inside while you are away.

While taking these preventive measures, always remain vigilant.

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Why is a fire alarm system critical for any business? It is important to stay up to code for safety and the risk of hefty liability damages. On top of the potential risk of lives and property, you could find yourself in an expensive lawsuit. Having certified professionals inspect your building and install a fire protection system, protects you and your business.

Early detection in workplace fires is imperative. What happens in the first five minutes of a fire is essential to everyone’s safety. Having the proper system that quickly detects and sounds an alarm, will allow enough time for a safe exit. Here are some other frequently asked questions about commercial fire alarm systems:

Would my fire alarm system need to be tested often?

It must be tested periodically to ensure it remains in compliance with state and federal laws. These laws and fire codes can be confusing, especially with them changing every couple of years. Finding a trustworthy fire alarm company that knows the ins and outs of fire codes, can make this process much easier.

How do I test my fire alarm system?

The company you hire to install the alarm system will take care of all inspections. They usually check the initiating devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarm pulls, and heat detectors annually. The action devices involving water flow like sprinklers must be visually inspected four times annually and functionally tested twice annually.

What is the difference between commercial fire alarms and residential fire alarms?

Commercial fire alarms include features you would not see in a home. Near the exits of commercial buildings are pull stations, which allow people to manually sound the alarm. In large buildings where numerous people work, this is a helpful addition. Also, commercial fire alarms are required to use visual and auditory alarms. There are horn strobe systems installed throughout the buildings so everyone understands what is happening quickly. Depending on the size of the building there are annunciator panels. They tell firefighters exactly which devices are going off, leading them directly to the source of the fire. These annunciator control panels also prevent the fire department from responding to false alarms, alerting businesses of system failures.

How long does a fire alarm system last?

With proper maintenance including inspections, you should only have to replace the system about every ten years. There are more to fire alarm systems than the smoke detectors or sprinklers. Multiple elements are hidden out of sight and cannot be checked daily. This is another reason why the inspections are vital for system maintenance.

Is it mandatory to have my fire alarm system monitored?

Yes, and you want it to be monitored. Fire alarms are great at detecting and telling you there is a fire but that’s where it ends. No one comes to put out the fire until someone calls 9-1-1. The fire monitoring panel detects when the alarm has been triggered and sends a signal to a Signals Receiving Center (SRC). The SRC has an operator place a call with the appropriate fire department, or some systems have the SRC forward the signal directly to the correct fire department.

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Homes and businesses are expensive assets worth protecting. A surveillance system will do all the work for you. With features like the ability to check the cameras remotely, you can always have peace of mind while you are away.

These features can be used to protect your loved ones. For example, you can check in on your pets or see if the kids got home safe from school. You can also make sure your house or pet sitters are responsible while lounging by the pool on vacation. With the streaming service feature, you can see what is happening live from anywhere. Smartphones and tablets can receive notifications every time security cameras detect activity.

Cameras also deter people from wrongdoings. Burglars who see a camera outside may think twice about breaking into your building. Package thieves see a camera and may not want to take the risk. Kids who know about the cameras outside wouldn’t sneak out.

There are also internal threats that could be prevented by a surveillance system. Employees who are aware they are being watched are less likely to steal. On a more positive note, you can see which employees are doing an excellent job, or what part of the workflow needs improvement.

In the event someone does attempt to break in or steal your property, you will have video surveillance evidence for the police. It is important to remember that evidence goes to the police for investigation first.

Social media networks make it easy to share footage of suspicious activity from your camera, but you should restrain. Leaking the footage before the police are done investigating could interfere by people assuming, retaliation, and lawsuits. If you post images or videos of someone online saying they committed a crime when they didn’t, you could be sued for defamation.

Along with helping police investigations, video evidence could assist when filing an insurance claim. After burglaries, owners are required to file an insurance claim and your evidence validates what happened to your home or business.

A large group of people that can benefit from home surveillance, are the retirees who want to stay in the comfort of their own home. Instead of moving to a retirement home, many want to continue living in their own communities. They want to live on their own but could use an extra set of eyes. That’s where loved ones and caregivers come in, they can check the cameras at any time. If the retiree has fallen and can’t get up, they have those extra eyes watching to call for help. If a retiree can’t remember if they took their medication, they could simply rewind the footage and see. It is a great way to stay connected but remain independent.

Be careful letting your guard down, it’s easy to think your neighborhood is immune to crime until it strikes. Have you ever heard the phrase better to safe than sorry? Being safe with a surveillance system is a smart investment. Whether you want to protect your home or business, we can help. If you are interested in a security system or have any questions, give us a call at 775.673.9500.


It’s important for commercial property owners to know basic security measures to best protect their properties. We wanted to share a couple of security tips for your property.

A basic alarm system should be number one on your list. These alarms are simple, convenient and don’t interfere with day-to-day operations. Also consider installing a 24/7 security monitoring system. Monitoring systems can detect entry into your business day and night. The best way you can secure your property is prevention; install an alarm system before anything happens to your property. Most alarm systems come with signage and barriers which are a good way to discourage intruders. Make it obvious that your property is monitored and protected. Taking it a step further by adding video surveillance. This allows for extra protection for both your property and your employees. Video surveillance systems can also be monitored and controlled from your smartphone, offering added convenience and peace of mind.

If you are able to, consider installing a security fence around your property. A security fence means that you can keep track of the property and who is on it. Leaving the property open means that you have no control over who enters. Even if everyone is welcome, having a fence means that you have a specific point of entry to monitor instead of trying to monitor every angle of the property.

If a fence isn’t in the cards, think about improving the outdoor lighting. If your property isn’t adequately lit, dark spaces are inviting to criminals. Install new lights or update old ones to cover the perimeter of your building. Plus, good lighting improves the capabilities of surveillance systems, as they rely on strong lighting to be able to accurately capture everything in the camera’s field of view.

Conduct regular security checks, both inside and outside of your property. When checking, look at all entry and exit points, make sure all cameras and keypads are functioning properly and undergo a perimeter sweep. Think about scheduling these security checks at regular intervals to ensure that everything is in working order.

To protect from fires, install a comprehensive fire detection system. Fire is destructive, and in a commercial property it can run rampant if not properly controlled. Having a fire detection system in place is also vital to ensuring the safety and security of all your employees.

A fire detection system can give the appropriate authorities the warning they need to get to your property in time.

It is important that you know your property. Being aware of who enters your building, how they enter and at what time is a great way to keep things safe. If applicable, think about hiring a receptionist for the entrance area. Or, if you have a larger property, you may even want to consider hiring a security guard. This ensures that the receptionists or security guard sees everyone that enters and exits the property. Additionally, implementing a visitor’s log can provide history along with discouraging intruders.

When it comes down to security for your commercial property, don’t overdo it. Think smart and be aware.

We are pleased to welcome a new Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) product into our line of security systems. The Video Doorbell allows users to see, hear, and speak to anyone at their door, anytime.

This Video Doorbell offers peace of mind to all users by delivering video and voice capabilities from your front door to your smart phone. Any time motion is detected, or the doorbell is pressed, you’ll receive a notification and be able to monitor who is approaching with precise clarity, 180-degree field of view and Pinch-to-Zoom technology. Also be able to talk with visitors using two-way voice communication feature. The Video Doorbell lets you protect yourself and your family while also keeping an eye on delivered packages and other belongings at your front steps while you’re away.

The Video Doorbell also uses Virtual Keypad, an application that gives users control over your security system from their smart device. The app allows users to connect to their home or business system to arm or disarm, control lights, locks, thermostats and more. It can even view and record video from their security cameras.

Video Doorbell features include:

One feature we enjoy is the automatic recording. If motion is detected, the Video Doorbell can be programmed to automatically begin recording. In fact, the doorbell is pre-installed with 16GB of space, which means it can store more than 2,000 video clips. These clips are also available anytime and anywhere with the Virtual Keypad app. Even if your home’s Wi-Fi connection fails, the Video Doorbell will continue to record any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed, and the recorded clips are available once the Wi-Fi connection is restored.

The Video Doorbell also comes with four interchangeable faceplate options that are easy to install. Color options include black, charcoal, silver, and pearl. Additionally, the product comes with adjustable camera angles. Depending on your entrance layout, the optional Wedge accessories let you adjust the camera angle and customize the exact areas you’d want to be triggered any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed. This product is also designed to withstand harsh environments, so even with the tough northern Nevada winters and summers, the Video Doorbell will deliver reliable performance.

For more information, please check out this video:

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Just recently there were multiple armed home burglaries in the Reno-Sparks area. The suspects were armed, but have been caught for at least one of the burglaries, but not all of them. With proper security these break-ins may have never happened. Always remember to lock all doors and windows while gone and to lock up all firearms properly!

Whether you own a business or just a home, a video surveillance system could be just what you need.  Most people think of video surveillance as some high tech system that is only necessary for large businesses or properties.  The truth is that cameras and their operating systems can help you feel safe and secure, both inside and out, no matter what size facility you are protecting.
Video surveillance systems are available in a variety of sizes and offer a variety of features and capabilities that can meet any security needs.  Depending on your needs you can look at cameras that offer different degrees of rotation, zoom capabilities, and resolution quality and today’s cameras are designed to produce clear images in any setting regardless of the lighting conditions.  Many systems also offer networking and communication options and the ability to be controlled via the internet when you are off-site.  You can keep an eye on important areas such as entry and exit points of your business or home.  An operational camera system is a great way to deter criminals from selecting your property as a target and can help you identify an intruder if a break in where to occur.  Security cameras inside your home can also protect what’s precious to you – your family and your valuables.
If you are operating a business you should be aware that cameras can enhance operations and increase productivity.  In addition to monitoring entry and exit areas of your business, a video surveillance system can also benefit your company by allowing you to monitor inventory and activity.  Cameras can aid in reducing external and internal theft and can also help you keep an eye on customer service, employee behavior, customer activity, etc.  Utilizing this type of data can assist you when looking at new, innovative ways for improving your business in the future.
Systems are available that can be used to record activity and archive data for viewing of time frames both before and after events.  This feature can be very useful in determining the cause of an event and can help confirm or deny accusations.  For example, video footage may be very useful in investigating work related injuries of employees or customers, as well as, certain types of customer complaints.
Reviewing your home or business with a security professional can help you determine which cameras and operating systems will best meet your video surveillance needs.  Saying “smile for the camera” may be just what you need for your home or business.


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