80% of Theft Happens from Within

Employee theft costs an employer $800 more on average than shoplifters. Undetected employer loss amounts to over $14,000 per year. Securing your business from a potential threat should be top priority. At CEI you can expect trusted world class service with our top of the line 24 hour monitoring, wireless systems, access control panels and proximity card systems; we have what you need.



24/7 Security Monitoring

Our monitoring service detects entry into your business and is accompanied by a control panel and keypad. The security system is monitored day and night via home phone lines or via wireless channel.

CEI Alarm’s business security systems come with a unique feature. The event buffer allows a manager to track who armed and disarmed the system and at what time. If an employee says he was there at 7am, and the event buffer says he wasn’t there until 7:30am, you might have a problem. All this is accessed at the keypad at no additional cost. What a great management tool!

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Business Alarm System

Our security alarms are simple and convenient, making it easy to carry on with the day. We use security alarms from top brands including: DSC, Honeywell, and Ademco.

Key-Fob for Keyless Entry

Tired of rushing in the door to enter your pass code? The days of fumbling in the dark are over! Enjoy the added safety right at your fingertips. With One-Touch Click, entering your business is as easy as opening your car door.

Video Surveillance

Covertly place hidden cameras anywhere your business needs extra protection. Monitor your business activity from home or even the beach and keep the profits in your pocket.

We offer a variety surveillance services to adapt to your needs.
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Business Fire Protection

Does your business meet fire code? The last thing anyone wants to find out is a fire broke out in their building, which is currently not up to code. Incidents like this can lead to hefty liability damages.
Fire Alarm System

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