Keeping track of who has a key to the office can be a nightmare. It only gets worse when someone loses a key, costing the company an unneeded headache. Access control systems work with proximity cards to keep your business secure.





Access Control System

Our web-based access control system works with proximity cards to keep your business secure. Proximity cards or Key-Fobs are cheaper to produce, and easier to manage than a set of keys. If someone loses a card, you don’t have to worry about changing the locks anymore because it’s all handled via the web.

The Access Control System is all remotely controlled giving the owner the ability to wirelessly control access to the building from an off-site location. By installing electronic locks and a door access control system you are in the driver seat from wherever you are in the world.


Wireless Key-Fob Systems

With a Key-Fob allowing keyless entry, entering your business is as easy as opening your car door. The days of fumbling around in the dark are over! Enjoy the added safety of keyless entry right at your fingertips, available for your business.

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