Luis was great in correcting a problem in our intermittent connection with our remote arming app! TY Luis 🙂

Just had Mike Winters out to replace some batteries on our units and I have to say I was so impressed with his service. He was helpful, informative and helped me to really understand how our system worked. We have always found CEI to be very responsive and helpful but Mike went above and beyond and we are so pleased. Thank you
Kathy Dent

I have been a customer for CEI for many years. I have stayed a customer because of their knowledge, expertise, quality of their products and great service support. If you need them, they will be there. Also, they are nice people! Owner, Baileys Care Home
Paul Bailey 

Great service-very responsive and reliable. Luis is always a pleasure to work with. Couldn’t be happier!
Heather Floyd 

We have been with CEI since 2008 and they have been FANTASTIC! Of course, like others, we waited until AFTER we had been broken into before we ever thought of purchasing a security system. We checked out others, but liked the fact that they were local. Plus, they have never tried to “OVER” sell us. Other companies tried to say we needed more of this and that, when CEI said, “This will cover you.” They have been there when we called (Even for the silly questions.) AND you get a “LIVE” person to talk to who is extremely courteous! They have only raised our rates once when we chose to take out a lifetime warranty, which covers EVERYTHING, even the batteries, so we never have to pay anything additional in the future except our usual monthly fee. (Even that is every three months.) I would highly recommend CEI to anyone looking at a security system. Call them NOW…don’t wait for your house to be broken into.
Ronda Shen

Don’t wait till your robbed before you call Rob!
John Williams

Great customer service from the owner, the field guys and office. Knowledgeable on the latest technologies. They gave us good advice based on our situation and it saved us money. They are always proactive in calling if they notice a problem with our system. I would highly recommend them to anyone as the best alarm company in Reno.
Jeff Heinzen

Thanks to the great people at CEI Alarm for a first rate job installing fire and security monitoring systems for my home! Personalized to our needs, the team was professional and thorough. Love working with a local company.
Vicki Puliz


2155 Green Vista Dr #201, Sparks, NV 89431