How to Prevent Internal Security Threats

January 15th, 2019 by Meagan Noin

It’s all too easy for companies and businesses to solely focus on external security threats and implement measures to keep their businesses safe from outside hazards. However, it’s vital to also have internal security measures in place. Did you know that 80% of theft happens from within the company or organization? Employee theft can cost an employer $800 more, on average, than shoplifters. Securing your business from potential internal threats should be a top priority.

Installing a business alarm system should be one of the first steps taken to prevent internal threats. These alarms are simple, convenient and don’t interfere with day-to-day operations. Additionally, implementing 24/7 security monitoring is a great step in preventing internal threats. These monitoring systems can detect all entry into your business and are accompanied

by a control panel and keypad. One of CEI Alarm’s business systems come with a unique feature that allows managers or team leaders to track who armed and disarmed the system at any given time. For example, if an employee says he was there promptly at 7:00 am but the system states he was there at 7:15 am you might have an issue. This arm and disarm feature are accessible via the keypad and comes at no additional cost.

Tracking who has a key to the building or specific area in the office can be tedious and unreliable, especially if someone loses a key. Instead of dealing with the unneeded headache, installing access control systems with proximity cards removes the hassle of keys, while also keeping your business secure. These web-based access systems use proximity cards or key-fobs instead of an old fashion lock and key. So, if someone loses their card or fob, a manager would just have to turn off that card or fob instead of having to change the locks. Additionally, the access control system can be remotely controlled. Meaning, the owner has the ability to wirelessly control a number of things including entry access to the building from an off-site location. Being able to remotely control the access to your building can give you peace of mind 24 hours a day.

Adding video surveillance is another option for security measures for your business. Having these cameras covertly hidden around your property, internally as well as externally, is an added level of protection. These digital video surveillance camera systems are not the typical VHS-based monitoring systems. Digital means real-time, immediate information delivery and high quality of video and images. These systems are easy to use, offer instant, real-time information and can be streamed and controlled remotely giving users complete control from their smartphone.

Business alarm system with 24/7 monitoring, access control systems and video surveillance are great tools to use to keep your business safe from internal security threats. Additionally, conducting security checks can ensure that everything is in working order. Having regular scheduled security checks can give you an opportunity to check all systems and fix any issues. Securing your business can be a simple process by knowing which systems and measures work best for you and your company.