How to Secure Your Home

July 12th, 2018 by Meagan Noin

In our last post, we shared our favorite tips for keeping your home safe while you are away on vacation. Today, we wanted to share the best security tips for securing your home every day.

Check the doors and windows

Did you know that roughly 33% of burglars enter through the front door? Perform an inspection on all the doors around your home. Ensure that the door hinges are strong and that the wood surrounding the door isn’t hollow. For further security, think about installing a deadbolt or adding a peephole.

Don’t forget the windows

As many as 23% of home burglaries occur through first-story windows. Along with inspecting your doors, it is crucial that you check all the windows around your home. Make sure all windows are lockable. To add additional protection, key-operated levers are a great way to ensure that windows lock properly.

Light it Up

Invest in lighting for in and around your home. Additional lighting features, like motion sensor lights on the exterior, are a great way to reduce the darkness without constantly having the lights on. When installing these lights, make sure that these lights are mounted out of reach.

Install a security system

Home security systems are an easy and efficient way to protect your home and family. Some basic functions to consider while choosing alarm systems are motion sensors for doors and windows, fire alarm systems and lastly, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Basic security systems generally include a keypad, siren, backup battery, two-door contact, one motion protector, window decals and yard signs.

Cameras are rolling

An added security feature to consider is video surveillance. Increase your peace of mind by installing cameras that cover key points of entry and that are mounted out of reach. Video surveillance systems provide a level of proof and protection that cannot be matched.


In addition to these security tips, establishing a security routine is important. Have plans in place for daily and nightly checks, including checking that doors and windows are locked and alarm systems are on when you’re at work or out of the home.


Additional routines, like security checks prior to leaving for vacation, are also important. In addition to checking all doors and windows and arming the security system, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your house.


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