Traveling Safe

May 18th, 2015 by Dave Sinclair

Are you prepared for a fire in your home?

If you answered yes, that’s great news!!  Are you prepared for a fire if you are traveling? Chances are your answer to this question is no and that’s bad news!!  Fire safety while you are traveling and staying in a hotel or motel is just as important as fire preparedness at home.
When making your travel arrangements or checking in to a hotel or motel you should select a location that has functioning smoke alarms and an operational sprinkler system.  Inquire at the front desk about how the fire alarm will sound in the event of a fire.  Guest rooms should have posted escape plan and it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the plan and locate the exits near your room.  Make a point to count the doors between your room and the exit and/or familiarize yourself with the surroundings so you can locate the exit if your vision is hampered by a power outage or smoke.  If you have questions about the exit locations or operation of the exit door, etc. be sure to contact the facilities’ management.
Keep your room key by your bed so that you can take it with you quickly in the event of a fire.  It is important to exit your room immediately if you hear the fire alarm.  Close the door behind you and remember to always use the stairs and never an elevator.  If it is necessary for you to escape through a smoke filled room or hallway, remember to get low and move under the smoke to the nearest exit.
If you find it impossible to exit your room you should immediately shut off any fans or the air conditioning unit.  Seal the cracks around the doors with wet towels.  Call the fire department with your location and if possible stay near the window with a flashlight to draw attention to your location.  If you cannot find a flashlight, a light colored piece of cloth or clothing can also be used.
Don’t leave your safety in the hands of others.  Always be prepared and responsible for yourself.