Do you need video surveillance at your home or office?

August 18th, 2014 by Dave Sinclair

Whether you own a business or just a home, a video surveillance system could be just what you need.  Most people think of video surveillance as some high tech system that is only necessary for large businesses or properties.  The truth is that cameras and their operating systems can help you feel safe and secure, both inside and out, no matter what size facility you are protecting.
Video surveillance systems are available in a variety of sizes and offer a variety of features and capabilities that can meet any security needs.  Depending on your needs you can look at cameras that offer different degrees of rotation, zoom capabilities, and resolution quality and today’s cameras are designed to produce clear images in any setting regardless of the lighting conditions.  Many systems also offer networking and communication options and the ability to be controlled via the internet when you are off-site.  You can keep an eye on important areas such as entry and exit points of your business or home.  An operational camera system is a great way to deter criminals from selecting your property as a target and can help you identify an intruder if a break in where to occur.  Security cameras inside your home can also protect what’s precious to you – your family and your valuables.
If you are operating a business you should be aware that cameras can enhance operations and increase productivity.  In addition to monitoring entry and exit areas of your business, a video surveillance system can also benefit your company by allowing you to monitor inventory and activity.  Cameras can aid in reducing external and internal theft and can also help you keep an eye on customer service, employee behavior, customer activity, etc.  Utilizing this type of data can assist you when looking at new, innovative ways for improving your business in the future.
Systems are available that can be used to record activity and archive data for viewing of time frames both before and after events.  This feature can be very useful in determining the cause of an event and can help confirm or deny accusations.  For example, video footage may be very useful in investigating work related injuries of employees or customers, as well as, certain types of customer complaints.
Reviewing your home or business with a security professional can help you determine which cameras and operating systems will best meet your video surveillance needs.  Saying “smile for the camera” may be just what you need for your home or business.